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Set Gradient Tint Color for Segmented Control iOS Swift 4

As developers, we use a great color combination to produce a good-looking result when creating an app, to achieve the best user experience ...


How to use AWS Rekognition to Compare Face in PHP | Face Recognition API

Shows How to use the Aws\Rekognition\RekognitionClient object to call the compare faces operations. Face Recognition API AWS Rekogni...


Which is the best language for Data Analysis R or Python ? An Infographic

Wondering whether you should use R or Python for your next data analysis post? Check our infographic "Data Science Wars: R vs Pyt...


Custom UITextField using @IBDesignable with Swift 3 SPTextField

A beautiful and animating text field. Written in Swift. Underlined UITextField. Usage Create  UITextField  in your storyboard or pro...


Real Time Face Tracking with Camera on Swift 3

FaceTracking An example app with AVFoundation camera support and face tracking written in Swift 3.0. Source and Sample Project file:  ...


Custom Segmented Control Menu in Swift 3

Custom segmented Control menu in Swift 3 for UI flat iOS designs. Download Source Code. View on GitHub Screenshots Featu...


Installing CUDA Toolkit 8 on Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Laptop

The following explains how to install CUDA Toolkit 8 on dual graphics cards laptops 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 Linux. I have tested it on a Acer ...

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