Custom Segmented Control Menu in Swift 3

Custom segmented Control menu in Swift 3 for UI flat iOS designs.

Download Source Code.



- Supports additional new segments
- Customizable attributes for Border Width, Border Color, Text Color, Selected Color, Selected Text Color. 


The easiest way of installing SPSegmentedControl is from cloning SPSegmentedControl repository to your Machine add SPCustomSegment.swift into your Xcode project file.

How to use

To start using SPSegmentedControl you have to add the class wherever you want to use: "SPCustomSegment.swift"

Create new View and Select a custom class in -> Identity Inspector to select SPCustomSegment under Custom Class.

Below example will help you to control actions for selected segments.


The parameters you are able to modify are the following:

Border Width: Width of the border line around segments and control. 
Border Color: Border line color around segments and control. 
Text Color:  Text color attributes for non selected state. 
Selected Text Color: Text color for segment in selected state. 
Selected Color: Background color for segment in selected state.

If you have any questions please post your comments below.

Thank you!
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