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Awesome To-do List App for iPhone and iPad Device to Make Your Work Done | Focus Future : To-Do List

Focus Future: To-Do List help you remember tasks, prioritize them, and generally keep track of your work and life tasks. Whether it's w...


FM Lanka : Listen to Sri Lanka Radio Stations on iOS | iPhone and iPad

Listen to Sri Lanka radio stations on iPhone and iPad. Available radio includes Tamil, Sinhala and Enligh radios. Listen online live ...


SSL pinning using TrustKit with Alamofire in iOS - Swift

SSL pinning one of the popular ways to inspect HTTPS requests in iOS Apps is the Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack. This involves having a...


iOS Gradient Navigation Bar Swift 4

Decorating iOS 12 and below UINavigationController Gradient Color by Creating an extension for UINavigationBar. Create a gradient layer ...


Video Status Trimmer iOS Application for Save & Split Long Status Videos | iPhone

Tired of trimming the videos for Whatsapp or Facebook Status and cringing about it? Video Status Trimmer is the perfect app for yo...


Set Gradient Tint Color for Segmented Control iOS Swift 4

As developers, we use a great color combination to produce a good-looking result when creating an app, to achieve the best user experience ...


How to use AWS Rekognition to Compare Face in PHP | Face Recognition API

Shows How to use the Aws\Rekognition\RekognitionClient object to call the compare faces operations. Face Recognition API AWS Rekogni...


Which is the best language for Data Analysis R or Python ? An Infographic

Wondering whether you should use R or Python for your next data analysis post? Check our infographic "Data Science Wars: R vs Pyt...


Custom UITextField using @IBDesignable with Swift 3 SPTextField

A beautiful and animating text field. Written in Swift. Underlined UITextField. Usage Create  UITextField  in your storyboard or pro...


Real Time Face Tracking with Camera on Swift 3

FaceTracking An example app with AVFoundation camera support and face tracking written in Swift 3.0. Source and Sample Project file:  ...

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